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What should I know?

Sometimes it is hard to know what questions to even begin asking when it comes to the care of your loved ones. We have listed below some questions that may come to mind as you research our community.

How do I know if my family member qualifies for assisted living?
Assisted living offers a wide range of services and levels of care. It is best to discuss assisted living with your physician to be certain if assisted living is right for you or your loved one.
How are assisted living rates paid?
Assisted living is paid for either privately by the individual or family or by state/federal assistance. You may contact the local Department of Social Services to get more information on how to qualify for state/federal assistance.
Does Lawndale Manor offer any in-house medical services?
We have in-house providers, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy or nursing. We also offer psychiatric services, local transportation, and provide medication management.
Can physical therapy be done in assisted living?
Yes, physical therapy can be done in assisted living through a third party care provider three days per week.
Are pets allowed in assisted living?
Lawndale Manor currently does not accept pets but will allow service dogs such as seeing-eye dogs or dogs which detect seizures. A pet deposit must be made. The owner must either present insurance or ensure vet bills will be covered as well as have an account set up for grooming costs of the dog.
Are visitors allowed over night?
Visitors are allowed over night in extenuating healthcare circumstances and are evaluated on an individual basis.
Are residents allowed to leave assisted living for visits with family/friends?
Yes, residents are allowed to leave for outings with family/friends after notifying staff signing out, and giving approximate time of return. It is required that staff be given a 48 hours notice if the resident is going for an overnight visit, weekend or holiday. This allows enough time for medication to be stocked for the visit.
What is Respite Care?
Respite care is care of an individual on a short-term basis (less than 30 days). This may be utilized if a family is caring for a loved one at home and needs short term assistance with care. Examples include if the family is going on vacation, another family member is unable to care for the individual for a healthcare reason, a break from care is necessary or a variety of other reasons.